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What We Value

Our Philosophy

At Equilibriya, we believe it is more important to consider why we do what we do, rather than, what we do.  We know that it is essential to discover a lifestyle that supports balance.  We believe life is an amazing gift; however, it is not always easy and seldom stress-free.  In order to maintain our goal to help others find optimal health and wellness, we know it is imperative for us to find our own balance and well-being.  We have created an environment that allows us to work and connect with others in a way that also satisfies us.  We enjoy the space where we work, the way we work, and the people we work with. We treat others with respect and compassion; the way we want to be treated.  We believe a core of authenticity and a deep respect for the healing potential in all is what makes therapy successful.  

Through our programs and services, we aim to cultivate a culture of wellness in our community and we plan to have fun doing it!

Our Partners