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Don't wash your condoms...and other things you should know. Written by Deborah McDaniel-Dunn

The other day I found a condom in the bottom of my washing machine.  It wasn’t in a wrapper, so I assumed it was previously used, leaving me with a dilemma. Do I ask my 15-year-old son if it is his?  What if he says no?  What if he says YES?  So I settled on this instead… I asked him, "You do know that you can’t re-use a condom, right?"  (Eye roll… “yes mom!”)  Then, “and you know you can’t wash them in the machine, right?” (Groan…louder … “yes mom!”)  And finally, “and if you ever need a condom…” (“Mom! I know where to get a condom!").  All-righty then, parenting done!  That was easy!

But it got me thinking; what else is handy to know about condoms?  Hmmm….  Here are a few thoughts to get us started.

- Don’t condoms make sex feel ‘less sexy’?  ~ Well, that depends.  What is sexy?  Herpes? HIV? Babies?  It is true that condoms will impact the sensation of your penis (for you and your partner), but whatever the change in feeling, most folks who regularly use condoms will tell you the benefits that come with safer sex are worth it.

- Does one size fit all? ~ No, but most condoms will fit most penises.  Try a few brands, see what feels best for you.  Feel free to experiment with size and style until you find some options you like.

- If wearing one condom is good, are two better? ~ Nope!  The friction of two condoms rubbing against each other can lead to tearing.  One at a time is plenty.

- How should I feel if the girl I’m seeing brings her own condoms? ~ Lucky!  She is prepared and responsible!  Good for you!  

So what do you want to know?

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and fun info.  Feel free to chime in with any curiosities or questions you would like to see us address in the future!  Be Sex Positive!

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