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Mindful Sex

Written by Wendy McMahon

At times, even in the best of relationships, individuals may feel like they are not fully present in their sexual experiences and may not be attuned with their own sexuality.  There are a variety of reasons why people may feel like they are just going through the motions or not completely present during sex.  Most commonly, people may feel anxious or stressed, depressed, or have trouble communicating their needs.  Some people may not have access to sensations in their body or may be disconnected from their bodies and others may have a history of sexual trauma.  

Mindfulness in sex is the practice of being and experiencing self and/or other in the present moment.  In addition to addressing mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, there are many techniques to enhance one’s ability to connect with the body and to learn how to identify and communicate needs.  Too often we are thinking about the past, the future, something or someone else and is essentially everywhere other than the present.  

Exploring one’s sexual self-concept with the guidance of a clinical sex therapist is one way you can become embodied and aware of what your needs are.  In therapy, sessions often include education, exercises, and techniques you can begin to practice at home, on your own and/or with a partner.   

To learn more about clinical sex therapy services or to schedule an appointment with a certified sex therapist call Equilibriya Behavioral Health & Wellness at 651-342-2175.

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